Welcome To Volunteer Society Nepal

Welcome to Volunteer Society Nepal- non-governmental, non-profit, non-religious, and non-political organization registered with Nepal Government, Kathmandu District Administration office and affiliated with Social Welfare Council of Nepal.

Giving Women & Children a Helping Hand

Our Mission  

The Volunteer Society Nepal is a Nepali conceived and run organization that uses local and international resources to safeguard the health and well being of Nepali Children and women and to offer them the education, shelter, food, and vocational tools to enable them to fully and equally contribute to Nepali society and compete in the global arena.

Our Values:     

We believe that women and children are the foundation of our society, hence we, at the Volunteer Society Nepal value the need for all women and children to be given equal opportunities in life regardless of their circumstances. It is our expectation that our practice and work reflect our beliefs and value and we strive to provide the best services possible to those we serve.     

We believe:

  • in inclusion and the promotion of multiculturalism,
  • that society’s disadvantaged and marginalized people can have a fulfilling future with proper help and support,
  • that hope can be rekindled by everyone’s unique contributions,
  • that pure drinking water, decent sanitation, proper nutrition, education, and good health care are the foundation on which all future efforts must be built
  • that literacy should be a basic civil right and individual self-sufficiency a societal goal,
  • that quality education is only the medium and shortest route to bring marginalized and disadvantaged people out of poverty and despair,
  • that safeguarding the environment is part of every responsible educational curriculum

About those whom we serve and those who volunteer, we believe:

  • that no program should be designed or executed without input and involvement from those it is intended to serve
  • that those who give their time, talents and resources deserve the respect for their contributions and the satisfaction of knowing the eventual outcome of their efforts
  • that all efforts reflect the needs of the community and that any concerns raised are addressed appropriately by members of the community, staff, and volunteers
  • that the members of the community and volunteers have the opportunity to express their opinions and contribute ideas to ongoing projects, to ensure that they are continually growing in a positive direction.

Our Achievements

  • More than 130 children are studying with a full scholarship at CBIA School (Career Building International Academy)
  • CBIA School is now recognized as a top-level private school, providing innovative education to a diverse student body.
  • 17 Orphaned and destitute children have been receiving food, shelter, and education at CBIA.
  • 45 Street children are receiving free education along with clothing and snacks in Banepa, Kavre district.
  • 36 Girls who have no parents have been receiving the scholarship in one of the best private schools in Solukhumbu, Mt. Everest region.
  • More than 35 women are receiving skill-based training and literacy classes.
  • More than 60 orphan children from four different orphanages are getting fresh vegetables, fruits, milk, meat, books, bags, clothing, stationery supplies, and medical support on a regular basis.
  • Volunteer Society Nepal has created jobs for more than 75 local people.
  • CBIA School currently caters to more than 650 students.