Volunteers doing painting jobs at school buildings and orphanages

Recently six young & energetic volunteers from Holland joined VSN’s construction project and helped through painting at school, disable children care centre and orphanage which are supported and run by VSN.  The walls, class rooms, furniture, metal railings etc were brought to life with fresh paints at Career Building International Academy, New Life Children Home at Pepsicola Town Planning, Kathmandu and at the Centre for Children with Intellectual Disabilities at New Baneshwor, Kathmandu. The paints, brushes and other necessary materials were provided by Volunteer Society Nepal.

Linda van Heerink, Matthijs van Dijk, Sarah Lokenberg, Emil Doyle, Kai van de Poll and Peter de Witte are the volunteers who helped out with all those tough tasks to help improve the environment of school, orphanage and disable centre.

Linda van Heerink and Matthijs van Dijk volunteered also at Buddhist monastery and Montessori School in Boudhha.

Filip Froyen, also from Holland who arrived on 1st of November will be helping at the construction of a school in Salleri which was badly damaged by 2015 earthquake.