Volunteering with VSN was most certainly an experience I’ll never forget

Volunteering with EFN was most certainly an experience I’ll never forget

It’s always hard trying to find just the right words to describe the experience I had in Nepal. Amazing, breathtaking, incredible don’t quite do it justice. But it was most certainly an experience I’ll never forget. I was incredibly humbled and the kindness of the people, the children and the women at the center is astounding.

The smiles and excitement of the children when you go to see them is amazing. Playing football with them in the street, playing games, helping them with their homework and just sitting talking and laughing with them is something I will never forget. Teaching at the women’s center is something I will treasure forever. Every day the enthusiasm these women have towards education amazes me. The smiles when they understand something is enough to brighten your day and being able to learn from them also sure is special. And to all of these people and the beautiful souls, I met along this journey. I love you and am so incredibly thankful for everything. And to my host family. I am so grateful for you and thankful that you took me in. You really felt like family by the time I left Nepal. You are all forever in my heart. Dhanyabad.