Volunteer Vacancy: Self Defense Trainer

Volunteer Vacancy: Self Defense Trainer

We have been welcoming volunteers from different parts of the world, providing various opportunities in volunteering sector. With the intent of building up the teenage girls both physically and mentally, we are looking for volunteer vacancy: self defense trainer for the people who are fascinated to share their ideas and skill that encourage them to build up confidence.

 Unsafe for girls

These days girls are being unsafe to walk freely. There might be the situation where they have to depend on themselves to rescue. In some parts of Nepal there is still a male dominated society where they couldn’t fight for themselves. Girls have been suffering a lot. Therefore, self defense training is very important to empower the girls.

Goal for the training

With the increasing rates of crimes and violence against women, one of the projects of Volunteer Society Nepal, Career Building  Academy (CBIA) has become a pioneer school in the locality to provide self defense training to the girls students so that they can use the skills and protect themselves from any sorts of violence that they might encounter in the days to come. Similarly, keeping in view the rising crime against women, the Nepal Self Defense Association and Nepal Self Defense Martial Arts Organization started one week self defense training for teenage girls to defence themselves from physical violence at CBIA School.

The program is expected to strengthen the self-confidence, defense mechanism and physical fitness of the girl students. We would be grateful to provide such training to the girls so that they can walk freely without any fear. Our goal is to educate and inform our female participants about how to avoid becoming a victim of crime and to provide hands.

What skills should I have?

One should be a good marshal art trainer or a physical education specialist so that you can train the school girls. Likewise, if you have any new ideas and training to meet our goals, we welcome you to share your skills. You need to be an effective trainer so that women can implement in their practical life.