Volunteer Ms Aniek Cranen’s support and experience

aniek-cranenAniek Cranen from The Nederlands volunteered at the School & Women Centre in Kathmandu from 7th of September till 30th of September. She taught English at the school as well as at the women centre. She spent most of her time teaching English to the women at the women centre. While we asked her to share her experience with VSN, she mentioned that she had very nice time teaching the women who are very enthusiastic and keen in learning as well as sharing new things with the volunteers. She mentioned our staff at women centre, Miss Rabina as a good person who helped her a lot for preparing the lessons for the women and also helped her in many ways. Regarding her stay and volunteering work on her own words (excerpts); “Absolutely good!! I really loved my homestay family and the food was amazing. The unforgettable moments were with the host family, the goodbye and thanks of the women at my last day, to meet other volunteers and share valuable exchange of experiences. VSN people are very kind & nice. I really love Nepal. It’s very nice country with kind people!! Only the pollution is bad!!”

We have to admit that her teaching at school did not went much effective due to the term exams for which she felt frustrated during the initial days.

Aniek Cranen made very helpful contribution at the women centre by donating goods worth Nepalese rupees 50600 (Euro 450).

  1. Tables & Chairs Rs. 22500
  2. Markers, inks & pens Rs. 1100aniek-at-women-centre-volunteer-in-nepal
  3. Educational posters Rs. 700
  4. DVD player Rs. 3500
  5. LED TV Rs. 22000
  6. USB drives Rs. 1000

Volunteer Society Nepal & Women Centre would like to thank Miss Aniek for her support, donation and also the positive environment which she created & provided at the women centre.