Volunteer Ilona from Belgium Shares Her Experience at VSN


“It was the first time that I did volunteering work and also the first time alone outside Europe. VSN did a very good job to make me feel at home and to let me feel I can tell them anything. They had a very good Nepali language teacher, Manita. Because of her I could speak a little bit Nepali. They also have a very good tour guide: Gelu. He knows so much about everything! After a few days I had to leave Pepsicola to go to my volunteering work in a monastery in Boudhanath. After 2 days I felt that this wasn’t going to make me happy. I told VSN Nepal how I felt and they immediately did something about it. Everything went so fast! At the same day I moved to another host family, back in Pepsicola Town Planning and after 2 days of observing the Women Centre I could start my volunteering there. This was the best time of my life! Except the mental conditions, VSN Nepal also supported me very good at the physical conditions. If you don’t feel well, they send you to a very good hospital.

VSN really gives you the feeling they care about you and your mental and physical health. It was a very nice experience to work with these sweet, caring people. You just have to say or ask what you want or how you feel and they immediately take action! I’m a satisfied and happy person 🙂 Thank you VSN.”


Ilona Van de Vijver

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