Thank You, VSN

Wow…… Well what can i say I’m completely lost for words over the time spent in this beautiful country with some of the most incredible people. Some of the only words that spring to mind are love, laughter…..and home. To every single beautiful human being that made my time in Nepal so very special…. Dhanyabad!! You completely filled a hole in my soul with your hospitality, love and care. The happiness you spread to me is way beyond words. The smiles, the laughter, the adventures, the love we shared is something i will never forget. To the women st the women’s centre, you are all beautiful and magnificent. You amazed me every single day with your smiles and enthusiasm. Whilst being the teacher you also taught me so much. You’re amazing. To everyone at the child care center, your kindness is something else. So beautiful. I will always remember your warm hearts. And to my host family….. You were not just hosts but actually family. You gave me home in Nepal that i will always return to, many, many times. Your kindness, care, compassion and love shines so brightly from you all. I love you so very much you beautiful souls.

All the thanks goes to Volunteer Society Nepal (VSN) for providing me such an outstanding opportunity!!!!

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