Medical Elective in Nepal

If I have to describe my Nepal medical Elective experience with VSN in a couple of worlds I would say: interesting, a leap in the dark, varied and actually one of my best life experiences. With no clue what to expect I entered Kathmandu on the 6th of November and the moment I stepped out of the plane I felt embraced by the smell of Asia. It was good to be back again. The next upcoming three introduction days I learned a small word of Nepali and visited temples and VSN projects in Kathmandu. In this way I could acclimatise, meet new people and get to know possible volunteering projects. After the introduction my internship began in the Nepal Orthopedic Hospital in Jorpati, Kathmandu. I felt very welcome by all the doctors who taught me about diseases, its diagnosis and treatment by observing in the daily out patient department. After one week I noticed something was missing. Since I would love to work with children in the future, I asked VSN if it was possible to combine my internship with volunteering at school. This was no problem and the next week I started giving CPR training and organised a medical health camp accompanied by great VSN staff. I loved the combination of the medical internship and work at the school. Thereby, I think this is only possible if the organisation is flexible and this is exactly what VSN turned out to be. They give you a lot of freedom in choosing a well-matching project and appreciate your input. Be creative, energetic and spontaneous and you will have a life time experience in Nepal with VSN!

With kind regards,

Milou Buijk

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