We offer internship program in Nepal for international students. As an international intern you will not only provide beneficial aid and value to your placement, but you will also help nurture a developing economy. VSN offers internship program in various field in Nepal for international students.

social-work-internship-in-nepalInterning in Nepal with Volunteer Society Nepal will help you boost your resume, gain skills and real-world experience in a particular field, and engage in meaningful cultural exchange. Volunteer Society Nepal will arrange your placement so that you provide new benefits and services for organizations in developing countries. In the long run, Volunteer Society Nepal interns bring more cross-cultural understanding into the world.

Volunteer Society Nepal internships abroad in various fields in Nepal. Through our intern abroad programs, your time and efforts will be greatly appreciated and your role will be important.

The internship offers you the chance to learn by doing in a setting where you are supervised by a work-place professional, and have the opportunity to achieve your own learning goals, without the responsibilities of being a permanent employee.

An internship also offers you the opportunity to work with someone who can become a mentor for you – not only in the internship, but throughout your career.

Medical Elective Health Internship

Interning in Nepal on a medical elective health internship with the Volunteer Society Nepal is ...

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Physiotherapy Internship

Volunteer Society Nepal offers physiotherapy internship program in Nepal. There is a real shortage of ...

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Tourism Internship

In tourism internship program we will give you placements in Nepal based touring agencies and ...

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Social Work Internship

Volunteer Society Nepal offers social work internship in Nepal. Interning in Nepal is one of ...

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Teaching Internship in Nepal

Schools in Nepal often lack appropriate funding and resources to adequately teach children. As English ...

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Nursing Internship

If you’re pursuing a career in nursing, getting some work experience is the best way ...

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Public Health Internship

Volunteer Society Nepal has an exciting Public Health internship and volunteer opportunities available for undergraduate ...

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