Photography and film making internship in Nepal

Photography and film making internship in Nepal

Jean-Luc came to Nepal to promote the Volunteer Society Nepal’s activities since last month. He does photography and film making internship in Nepal to promote the organization to potential interns and volunteers. By sharing his pictures and videos, he is informing potential volunteers about VSN and its projects. He is from the North of Paris, where he was working as a member of the Tourism Board, making videos for the websites and posting on social media. Now he came here to help the Volunteer Society Nepal.

Why Nepal?

The natural beauty and the exotic culture of Nepal were what attracted him to be a part of an internship in Nepal. He is really impressed by the friendly and helpful nature of the Nepalese people. The hospitality and facilities provided by the host family are the best part of his experience in Nepal. “My best part of volunteering in Nepal was doing a video at the disabled center, the children were very friendly and playful”, he said. He has a plan of spending more time helping and playing with them. Finally, he is very fond the Nepali food such as dal-bhat tarkari (lentil soup, boiled rice, and vegetables) and also street food and snacks such as samosa and momo(dumpling).

Touring and Trekking

“I am in Nepal for 3 months. With the help of VSN Tour and Treks, I am going to Chitwan soon for a safari and after that, I will go to trekking to Poon Hill and Everest Base Camp,” he further added. “I am looking forward to shooting some great videos and photo’s there”. In a nutshell, he is enjoying his time in Nepal.

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Photography and film making internship in Nepal

Nepal is great for selfies!Photography and film making internship in Nepal

On a hike near Kathmandu

Pashupatinath, a whole temple where people come to cremate the ones they lost