Outdoor Activity For The Children From VSN Run Centre For Children With Intellectual Activity (CCID)

On 19th of May Friday, the children from VSN run Centre for Children with Intellectual Disabilities (CCID) were taken to visit another one of the oldest park, Balaju Water Garden situated five kms North West of Kathmandu main city. The children were accompanied by our four staffs (Mina KC, Subhadra Shrestha, Anjali Rana & Kamala Shrestha), one of the parent (mother of Radha Majhi), two volunteers, one of the board member Mrs. Liza Karanjit and his son Saurik Karanjit (ex-student). The children were taken by local public bus so that they could learn and socialize. Radha, Anuj and Kashyap were uncomfortable during the walk, for which our volunteers helped a lot. Saurik Karanjit, a perfect gentleman a helped a lot in organizing the activities for the children. The children enjoyed a lot during this outdoor trip. Different fun activities were organized & the trip was like small picnic. Everybody were back home by 5 PM.