New Life Children’s Home

There is only one state-run orphanage in Nepal which has the capacity to serve 350 children, a number that is far from reflective on the reality of the children who need homes. The Volunteer Society Nepal in the present moment has been providing care and fund to their Orphanage Home “New Life Children Home” which is located in the Kathmandu Valley. Many of the children have endured more suffering in their young lives than some of us will experience in a lifetime. The Volunteer Society Nepal provides the 16 youngsters who currently reside in the home with fundamental needs such as education, health care, socialization and resources for their complete development. They are however only few of the lucky ones, saved from life on the streets, domestic slavery and vulnerability to child traffickers. There continues to be many children who require the help to find and access loving homes that can provide them with the appropriate care.

The Volunteer Society Nepal’s orphanage home has set to expand to larger quarters in hopes of not only better serving those who reside in the home but also to build a greater capacity to invite more children into their care. The founders of the orphanage home believe that love, security and education are essential rights of all children as well as key components to their ability to thrive, contribute to and compete in the world. We are dedicated to the welfare of orphaned, abandoned and destitute children by providing them living, educational, and medical expenses, as well as love and personal attention—just as a good parent would do.

Our goal at Volunteer Society Nepal is to uphold the value that every child has a right to: safe shelter, proper hygiene, food and education no matter the country where they are born. And all children should enjoy childhood where they feel loved, looked after, and provided with the tools to become strong and independent adults. Your support and care will go on a long way in helping many children who otherwise may not have the opportunity to engage in a secure and positive life. With the average annual income of just $240 a year, your money will be go further in helping those who are in need of help the most.