Fourth visit to Nepal by Mel and Helen

Mr. Mel Williams is the president of Prisoners  Warden Association of USA  and Ms. Helen Williams is a retired
Kindergarten Teacher at the USA.
As they are fascinated by Nepal and Nepali people and rewarding volunteering experience with Volunteer Society Nepal. They made visit in Nepal in September 2016 for the fourth time in Nepal. On their fourth visit to Nepal.They brought a luggage containing playing and teaching materials for VSN run Pre School children. Helen carried out an orientation on 30th August to all Pre School teachers on usage of the material. It was exclusively for Pre School teachers and they were instructed about the usefulness of the materials. Furthermore, to make the set of materials adequate, they even managed a shopping of additional teaching materials on 31st August. They were also involved in helping the C.B.I.A School and orphanage in Pepsicola, Kathmandu. Mel helped in manual work with his innovative ideas; Helen taught at the school and helped the orphaned children with fun filled activities & lots more. During their short stay, they involved themselves in several activities by which the school and its community were benefited.

Last year he visited Nepal after the April 25 earthquake and distributed 10 goats to the 10 families of earthquake affected region of Banepa. All the local people were very happy to receive the goats. He also bought four new shelves that can accommodate thousands of books (about 8,000 thousands) he brought all the way from the USA.

Thank you so much Mr. Mel and Mrs. Helen for your precious time and visiting regularly and supporting Volunteer Society Nepal and Nepali people.