Volunteer Society Nepal 2nd Quarter Newsletter 2019

Everest Foundation 2nd Quarter Newsletter 2019

Career Building International Academy School

The school is dedicated and determined towards providing quality education. The management and the staff team are always on the lookout for some innovative things that can be helpful for guiding CBIA in the direction of meeting the objectives. The fact that the school is hell-bent on accomplishing its target, is also known to the parents who have appreciated the deed of the school. CBIA has been able to earn respect from the people in the area. All in the area talk very highly about CBIA. And such incidents obviously encourages the whole team to keep on doing the good work. All the school activities went on in just the way we wanted. The First Term examination was held just before the Dashain and Tihar, the result of which has also been distributed to all the classes. As per the government circular, all the educational institutions should remain closed for one month to celebrate Dashain and Tihar, the biggest festivals of Nepal but in CBIA classes for grades 8, 9 and 10 continued during the time in between the Dashain and Tihar.
Preparation for SEE and BLE: Since grade 10 students have to appear in the nationwide School Education Examination (SEE) and grade 8 students in the district-wide Basic Level Examination (BLE), the preparation for the same is going on in full swing. We have expected to fare far better than the previous years. We have left no stone unturned in teaching, coaching and guiding the students. 

Nepali Hand Writing Competition: A student from Grade 5 won the Gold Medal in Handwriting Competition conducted by Fair Educational Competition Association (FECA). This is the second time that our students achieved this feat.

ECA and CCA Activities: All the ECA and CCA activities as laid down in the school calendar have been conducted, which indicates that the school is not only focused on academics, but it equally pays attention to other activities that are supportive of the overall development of the students.
Automation and Robotics: This program has been liked by one of all the students in the school as they are required to do something with their hands in such classes. The students are more than interested to continue with the program. Very soon the Automation and Robotics Exhibition took place in the school.
Parents Meeting: As this is preferred by the parents, we certainly continue with this in the future, but also the timing will be a bit different. Usually, Parents Meeting was held prior to holding the terminal examination, but from now onwards it will be held after the terminal examination so that the strong and the weak aspects of each and every student can be discussed and dealt with in detail.

Result Distribution of Second Terminal Examination: For Grade 8, 9, and 10, the result of the second term examination was distributed on the 23rd of October when students from Nursery to class 7 were having a festival vacation. The remaining results were distributed on the 9th of November.  The overall result is very satisfactory. All of the students have improved and some drastically. This is indicative of the fact that all the teachers have really done their duty exceedingly well.

New Life Children’s Home

This September brought tons of happiness from the beginning filled with beautiful memories. On 2nd September Ramesh and Sushil made the trip around the sun one more time. As every year their birthday was celebrated pleasantly with the NLCH family. They were blessed with love, blessings by Sushma aama and family. They were very glad to share happiness with the family at home.
Last month Ankie and her family were here in Nepal as a part of regular visits to the Nepali family and different projects run under the Tika Foundation. It was our great pleasure and privilege to welcome Ankie and her family in Nepal. Ankie and her family visited the project run by Tika Foundation, New Life Children’s Home, Street Children project on Banepa and cultural heritage sites around Kathmandu Valley. Then they went on tour to Chitwan, Pokhara and hiked to Australian Camp. After coming back from Pokhara, they celebrated the birthday of Ankie at the New Life Children’s Home with much fanfare. It was a surprise for Ankie as well as for the kids of New Life as Marcel gifted them with the 42” LED television set. 
We wish them a great and amazing time ahead and hope that their journey was a really fruitful and memorable one. It would be our great pleasure to have them even in the upcoming days. In the month of July to October, there was no issue created in the home. All are doing great in their own way. Kids are studying well, whereas Sushma aama and Sabitra are fulfilling their responsibilities properly. All the kids are going to school and colleges regularly and they are improving their study as well. Sujan, Sabin, Sushil, and Krishna started going to colleges. After coming back from the college they go to CBIA school to help the school kids with extracurricular activities and tuition classes. Sabina joined Bachelors in Trichandra College along with MBBS preparation. She is waiting for the result of the entrance examination, she has appeared on the 14th of September at B.P. Koirala Institute of Health Science. Sonam Chhoki is in her last year of college. In the morning she goes to her college and during the day she helps the women in the women’s empowerment center run by Volunteer Society Nepal for vocational education. There is good news, Milan has completed his bachelor in Development studies. Nabin is also doing well in his study.

Report On Kavre Street Children

Having completed five months of the current academic year, the children have already appeared in two tests. All the children have not performed well in the examinations. After discussing with the Principal, I have arranged a separate tuition class for all the children after school, especially for subjects like Mathematics, Science, and English. The extra coaching is expected to help the kids improve their studies. We have a new teacher for the tuition class. He is the teacher in the same school.  He has been taking classes from 4:30 to 6:00 pm for the summer season. We have been quite strict regarding the tuition as some boys tried to escape the class after school. The tuition teacher and I have regular meetings and discussions about the children. 

As always, as the kids are growing up, we have come across many behavioral challenges. As for the incident, one of the boys studying in Grade 7 named Madan Tamang stopped coming to school from this month. His parents came to me and told that he was punished by the school for misbehaving with girls and violating other school rules. I suggested the parents bring the boy to me or I should visit him. But to my dismay, I could not get a positive response from him. I tried to talk to him on the phone but failed many times. I had a meeting with school teachers also regarding the same matter. The principal and the school teacher deny the fact that they punished him. They had just warned the boy to correct himself. However, the boy’s eldest brother is studying in grade nine with the project support.  

The school is being closed for the holiday for two weeks starting from 1st October to 16th October for Dashain. I will visit him once again if I could bring him to school. 

The school organized a farewell program to the SEE graduates on the month of September amid big cultural programs.  We had five students from the project who passed the SEE this year.  I had a meeting with four of them regarding their plans for the future. I also assured them of possible support if they really want to excel in their study. One of the girls did not entertain our call for the meeting. All four of them expressed their gratitude towards the project donors for helping them out to pass the Iron Gate SEE successfully. 

Girl’s Scholarship Project, Solukhumbu

Before the vacation of Nepalese main festivals, Dashain, they hold the second terminal examination. It is good to hear that the performance of all the students from the girl’s scholarship program is admirable. Their dedication and hard work towards their studies are amazing. In their second terminal examination results also they were able to obtain good marks. Compared to last year, there seems to be much progress in their studies. All are giving their best effort to get good grades.

After the exam, the school was closed for a month to celebrate the festival and the students were provided with vacation homework so that they could give some time to study on vacation as well. 

All the girls who have passed Secondary School Examination have joined colleges. They are all grateful to Tika Foundation and the donors who helped them to fulfill their dreams to come true.

Apart from their study, girls look active to participate in extracurricular activities. They seem interested in activities like dance, volleyball, and quiz.

At the end of the month, the parents’ meeting was organized by the teachers of the respective classes. The parents have the opportunity to talk about the ward freely on an individual basis and teachers also suggested their ideas to improve their wards properly. Usually, Parents meeting is held before every terminal examination. It’s proud to hear good feedback from parents about their satisfaction in the teaching methodology of the school.