Volunteer Society Nepal 1st Quarter Newsletter 2019

Everest Foundation 1st Quarter Newsletter 2019
Career Building International Academy

The month of April of the year has been usually the time for enrollment of new students in the school and planning for the new academic session. This has also been the ambiguous state as we were unaware of how many students would leave the school or how many new students would enroll. The establishment of new schools in the area has impacted the new admission of each and every already existing school negatively as the students would be divided among the schools. However, it has not been so in the case of CBIA. There is a slight increment in the new enrollment compared to other existing schools. This certainly indicates that CBIA has been rendering services to the satisfaction of the parents. 
Likewise, the replacement of the teachers quitting the school has been done and the new appointees have been given a full orientation about how CBIA functions and what its plan for the new session are. The activities as mentioned in the school calendar have been carried out successfully exactly in the way it appeared in the calendar.

House Division
: The new students have been divided into four existing houses and school captains, vice-captains, House captains and Vice-captains have also been selected through an impartial election which enabled them to undergo the democratic practice. It was very worth watching how the candidates pleaded and urged to make their fellow students in their favor. Each and every student exercised their right to vote, thereby acquiring the feeling of being in a democratic country. The elected captains and vice-captains were given their specific roles and responsibilities. The elected captains and vice-captains expressed their thanks to the students for voting them and commitment to work for the students and the school.
Nepali Handwriting Competition: Junior (classes 3 to 6) and senior (classes 7 to 10) level handwriting competitions were held as per schedule. The winners of the competitions have been awarded certificates and medals also.  A handwriting expert has also been hired to teach handwriting to the students and teachers as well. In general, all of the students have improved their handwriting at the moment.
ECA and CCA Activities: As a part of ECA activity, level-wise Basketball Competitions were organized and the winners of the same have been duly awarded. The award system has worked well to encourage the students to have a healthy competition among themselves. Similarly, under the Co-curricular activities, Drawing Competition, Book Review, and Nepali Essay Competition were also conducted and we duly awarded the winners of each and every competition.
FIRST LEGO LEAGUE (FLL); For this, a group of Australian students were here for a little more than a week and worked out the LEGO activities together. A total of 30 students from CBIA took part in this and they did well in their task according to the mentor. Similar type of program is expected to be done in the future also. 
Abacus and Automation and Robotics: Both the programs are going on well. Every one of them seems to have benefitted from their respective programs.  Automation and Robotics Exhibition has been planned to be organized towards the end of the second term.
Parents Meeting:  This has been one of the strong points of CBIA. This year also the first parents’ meeting was held on the 9th of June. The presence of the parents at the meeting was very encouraging. The school and the parents exchanged their feedback. The school has used this opportunity to perform the activity KYS (Know Your Students). This was again very much appreciated by all the parents.
First Terminal Examination:  As a routine work, the First Terminal Examination is scheduled to be held from the 27th June to 5th of July 2019 which will be followed by Summer Vacation 10 days. The school will resume on the 16th of July.
           The results of SEE Examination 2075 have been published and the CBIA family is extremely pleased and would like to congratulate all the students for their outstanding achievements and results. Out of 58 students who had appeared in the examination, 28 have got A+, 22 have got A and the rest have got B+. Further, we would also like to wish all of you a very warm wishes for your upcoming journey. The real journey has begun and we hope you all will work with the same spirit and dedication in the upcoming days to achieve your goals. Keep up the same spirit. Congratulations once again!!!!!!!!!!. Thank you all for making the entire family proud of you all 

New Life Children’s Home

In the month of May and June, there was no issue created in the home. All are doing great in their own way. Kids are studying well, whereas Sushma aama and Sabitra are fulfilling their responsibilities properly. May was started with the huge birthday celebration of Krishna and Bikesh. They made the trip around the sun one more time on 1st May. Blowing candles, cutting a cake, having delicious food together with the family made the birthday more special. Similarly, this month we had three more birthdays of Punam, Sonam Chokki and Sujan. All of them were wished warmly and all their birthday was celebrated amazingly. All the kids are going to school and colleges regularly and they are improving their study as well. Sujan, Sabin and Sushil are spending their days by watching T.V, playing football, basketball and spending time with the family. Sabina has been preparing for the entrance of MBBS and she has also filled up the form for one of the Universities. She will be going Dharan next month to appear in the entrance exam. Sonam Chhoki also appeared her final examination of the Bachelor third year. As Milan is in the last semester of his Bachelor course, he is writing a thesis on Rural Development. Nabin is also doing well in his studies. Keeping in view the rising crime against women, the Nepal Self Defense Association and Nepal Self Defense Martial Arts Organization started one-week self-defense training for teenage girls to empower girls in CBIA School. The program is expected to strengthen the self-confidence, defense mechanism and physical fitness of the girl students. Poonam from New Life Children’s Home is also taking part in the Self Defense training program. This year, Sabin, Sushil, and Sujan also got farewell from their school and they are now moving ahead in high school. In this program, Bikesh with his classmates performed a beautiful Nepali song, whereas Punam and Bijaya performed an amazing dance with their classmates. Sujan Dhungana went to his hometown Pokhara to make a citizenship card and returned. Geeta Rana had come to visit family on her vacation and spend some days with them. After some days, she went back to continue her study in Bangladesh. And the most interesting thing we observed is a great improvement on Krishna’s leg and he can stand or walk properly than before. He has been visiting the hospital for a follow up. Finally, the result of hard work and dedication of SEE appeared student’s result was published in 27th June. Sabin and Sushil secured A+ grade and Sujan secured B+ grade. We would like to wish all of them a very warm wishes for your upcoming journey. The real journey has begun and we hope you all will work with the same spirit and dedication in the upcoming days to achieve your goals. 

Report On Kavre Street Children

It has been two and a half months since the new academic session has begun here in Banepa. The children have received all the necessary stationery items from the project i.e. set of books, copies, box, pens, pencils, etc.  All the children are going to school regularly.


I had a meeting with the principal of the school about the study of the children. She was worried about the children. We have problems with some children regarding their regularity and progress in study. We have arranged parents meeting with the parents of those problematic children after the result of the first terminal examinations. The First midterm test has just been completed. Now, a first terminal examination is going to be held from 7th July.  The school will remain closed for a week for summer vacation.  I myself have been giving tuition classes to the kids for some days since I could not manage one good teacher in the school.

The result of the SEE was published in 27 June. Kabita, Liza, Rima, and Nirmal secured B+ grade while Nischal secured B grade in Secondary Education Examination from Gyansarovar School, Banepa. We would like to wish all of them a very warm wishes for your upcoming journey. 

One boy named Prajwol living with me is keeping well. He is studying in grade eight. I recently visited Dilip who is now shifted to an orphanage in Kathmandu. He is studying well there. 

Girl’s Scholarship Project, Solukhumbu

After the start of a new academic session, all are doing their best in new classes. We got to know the regular attendance of all the girls and their better improvement in studies. They seem to be active in extracurricular activities as well. They took part in ECA organized by the school every Friday. 

The girls are preparing properly for their first terminal examination, which is going to be held on 1st week of July. On the last week of May, first aid training was organized by nearby health posts where the students of class 8 and 9 took part. Sunmaya and Lakpa also took part in the first aid training. Two of the girls, Pasang Lhamu and Dipti from the girl’s scholarship program are in Grade 10 and they have already started to work hard to move towards the Iron Gate or to appear to SEE examination this year.

It’s good to know all are progressing than before, whereas the girls who have appeared SEE examination, the waiting is over. Much awaited result of Secondary Education Examination (SEE) held in the month of March 24 this year by the Department of Education, Nepal Government has been published. Yanzi, Ravikala, Gelmu, Muna, Anita, Sujata, and Jayanti from Solukhumbu Girls Scholarship Program took part in Secondary Education Examination. They all passed with the flying colors. We are really proud of them as their years of hard work didn’t go to waste. It is also a proud moment for the Tika Foundation team who also work hard to collect donation and help these underprivileged girls from the remote areas of Nepal to improve their quality of life through quality education. Grade point average is between 2.20 to 3.60.  The seven students who appeared the SEE and their grading are as follows: 

  1. Yangji Sherpa – 2.95
  2. Ravikala Rai – 3.4
  3. Gelmu Tamang – 3.6
  4. Muna Ghatani – 2.2
  5. Anita Rai – 3.0
  6. Sujata Tamang – 3.1
  7. Jayanti Rai – 3.05

They spend their three months of holidays by learning computer courses and some have done entrance preparation. We wish very good luck to all the SEE graduates.