A couple from the Netherlands, volunteered with Children in Banepa

On their 15 days long stay in Banepa, one of the neighboring cities of Kathmandu valley, located at a distance of 25 km east from the valley, Erwin Hovens and his wife Ulonda Howens from the Netherlands volunteered in three different places in Banepa.

teaching-at-the-schoolThe Dutch couple had their home stay with a local family in Banepa. The first place where they volunteered was a small hostel where six homeless and partial orphan are looked after. Secondly, they volunteered in a pre-school with 45 kids aged 2 to 6 years. And the third place where they were engaged was a secondary school where they had some sharing about their culture and teaching English and mathematics.

They always started their day helping the six orphans with their studies enjoying-with-orphaned-childrenat the hostel. They would also go to Shalom Academy, a pre-school from 9 am to 3 pm where they had a lot of activities to get engaged in. They helped the teachers of the pre-school to teach, feed, play and off course do any activity that comes in course of taking care of the children. At 3 pm they go to a secondary school where 40 children who are being supported by a project would study along with other 400 children in the school.  They had a good time to share about their culture and also taught English and mathematics to the kids according to their interest.

Children Playing on the newly bought trampoline

Before coming to Nepal, they raised funds in the Netherlands from families and friends to help the orphaned  and disadvantaged children.Therefore, they, them self involved in helping the children, they decided to support the pre-school buying some playing and educational materials for the children. They also bought some materials like trampoline, baby cars, balls, swings, boards etc. for the school. They also bought some pairs of slippers for the kids. The support they provided to the children is outstanding. Now, they have fun extremely happy with the materials they provided.

They also provided support to the orphans with some warms clothes for the winter season. On weekends, they took six children on two different visits to central zoo at Jawalakhel, patan Durbar Square, Swayambhu , Dhulikhel height, Kathmandu Durbar Square and Children’s fun park in Kathmandu where they had a lot of shopping for the children.

children-at-the-orphanage-buying-warm-clothsThey also brought some note books and stationary for the 40 children who are reading in a support of a project.

After the completion of the fortnight long stay in Banepa, they were very happy to see the smiles on the face of the children with their tiny help. They also have promised to come back sometime later.

VSN Family would really like to thank  Mr. Erwin and Ms. Ulonda for providing such a great support to children and joining the VSN volunteer program in Nepal.teaching-physical-execise-to-the-children